How do I find an existing outcome to add to a course in Improved Outcomes Management?

All outcomes added at the account or sub-account levels are available to you as an instructor. You can find and import Account Standards, which are outcomes that have been created by your Canvas Administrator for the entire institution. You can import an individual outcome or multiple outcomes.

Learning Standards imported to the account or sub-account levels can be found within the Account Standards outcome group. Depending on what has been imported by your administrator, the following learning standards may be available:

  • Common Core Standards are available for Language Arts, Math, and Science (NGSS)
  • State-specific standards are available for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (if imported by your institution)
  • ISTE Standards for Coaches, Computer Science Educators, Students, Teachers, and Administrators
  • Your Canvas Administrator must import the standards before you can find and import them for a course

This lesson displays how to find outcomes in a course within an account that has enabled the Improved Outcomes Management feature option. If the Outcomes page in your course displays differently than the images in this lesson, learn how to find outcomes in the classic Outcomes page view.

Note: If you cannot find a specific outcome or Learning Standard, please contact your Canvas Administrator.

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

Find Outcomes

To find and add an Outcome at the root level course outcome group, click the Find button [1].

To find and add an Outcome in a specific outcomes group, select an outcome group [2]. In the outcome group, click the Options icon [3], then select the Add Outcomes option [4].

Add Outcomes

Click the name of an outcome group [1].

View the outcome for the outcome group [2]. You can adjust the size of the Outcome Group and Outcome windows by clicking and dragging the divider bar [3]

To locate a specific outcome, you can enter the outcome name in the Search field [4].

When you have located an outcome, click the Add button for that outcome [5]. When an outcome has been added, the outcome displays an Added label [6].

To add all outcomes in a group, click the Add All Outcomes button [7].

To return to your course Outcomes page, click the Done button [8].

Note: If an outcome or learning standard is not available to you, please contact your Canvas Administrator.

View Warning Message

View Warning Message

If you attempt to add more than 50 outcomes to your course, a warning displays with a recommendation to only add outcomes that are relevant to your course.

To return to the Find page and select fewer outcomes, click the Cancel button [1]. To import all the selected outcomes, click the Import Anyway button [2].

View Outcome

View Outcome

View the imported outcomes.

Outcomes are imported to either the main course outcome level or the selected outcome group. Learn how to move outcomes or outcome groups.