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I used the New Quizzes today and I mostly liked it. However, when I used the Matching type question I put multiple "Questions and Answers" into one question, so #11 in the quiz had 10 vocab terms and definitions to match and I ran into a problem. I assigned a point value of 10 to this question but if the students had any incorrect matches they were given a zero. The only options were 10 or 0. Is there a way to credit correct responses or do you have to use multiple questions? 



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Unfortunately at the current time there is not a partial credit option for matching questions in New Quizzes.  The Canvas guide page even spells it out

When Matching questions are graded, students must get all matches correct to earn full points. There is not an option to assign partial credit for Matching questions.

I haven't heard if this this issue is going to be addressed in the near future or not, but here are a couple of threads in the Conversations area of the Community.

In the New Quizzes FAQ, in a section about partial credit this is what is stated:

Are there partial points grading for items?

Partial credit grading functionality is supported for Fill-In-The-Blank and Multiple Answer question types.

Development for other question types is still under discussion. Likely additional item types for this functionality will include: 

  • Ordering
  • Matching

Similar functionality resides in the Multiple Choice question type, which allows points to be varied for individual answers.

This sounds good, but as people in the other threads have pointed it, this has been on the FAQ for a long time with no progress or updates to be seen.  

Sticking with Classic Quizzes is likely the best option for now until Canvas corrects this and other shortcomings with New Quizzes.  




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