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I've been taking classes the past few weeks since the "badges" have transferred to the BADGR program.  Although each instructor said there should be a follow up email with each class to "receive" the badge, I have not received any emails.  I have signed up for BADGR, but still have not received anything.  Please advise?

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Hi,  @bergman_kathlee ‌

If you are earning badges via Canvas, Badgr only sends an email upon the first time a recipient receives an award. This is to inform recipients of their data rights.

Badges awarded outside of Canvas may optionally get an email notification. This is controlled by the Issuing organization.

Some schools, colleges or universities have tighter spam filters so it may be that your notification got blocked somewhere along the delivery chain.

If you received badges awarded from the US server, you can sign in to your Badgr account and you will see all the badges you've earned in the backpack section.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

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