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Problems exporting quiz content--1 kb file size

I am trying to export class content from a canvas account at one school, to another. Everything but the quizzes was able to be imported into the new account.

I went into the class that I am trying to export to, and I selected the option to export only quizzes. Unfortunately, the zip file size was only 1 kb. There were no quiz questions in the xml file that I opened up.

The tech guru at our college where I'm trying to export the file from, gave me a couple of links:


After reading those links, I looked to see if I was using a question bank, but in the class I am trying to export the quizzes from, I have no question banks set up, so the quizzes must be the actual questions (and not links to a question bank).

Is there anything else I can do? I know simply exporting everything BUT the quizzes has already saved me a ton of time; but if I could export the quizzes too, that would save me even more. So I would love to hear any suggestions.

I tried attaching the quiz file export, but this site would not allow a zip file. I'm not sure what I should do to let folks know what was able to be exported from the quizzes--but it sure wasn't much.

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Hello @PaulRittman 

I understand you are having issues exporting quizzes that are linked to question banks. 

An exported quiz with questions linked to a question bank will not include an export of the question bank. The QTI file will only include questions from the question bank that have been added/individually listed to the quiz. If you want to import the classic quiz into another course along with question banks, you may prefer to export your Canvas course and select quizzes and question banks in the course import.

HERE is the guide I found that information on. 

Hopefully this helps!