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Question Bank Questions Disappearing

Question bank questions are disappearing after importing QTI files from a course pack. I will import the QTI, create a quiz from the quiz bank, return to the quiz a few minutes to hours later and the quiz bank went from having 100+ questions to less than 20 or none.

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I can't tell you how many hours I have spent simply REPAIRING quizzes I've already created that I had intended to spend creating new quizzes. It seems like every time I'm not looking, one of my question banks will disappear, or get overwritten by another one and plugged into the wrong quiz. 

I understand that (for whatever reason) you can't duplicate question banks.

I understand that (for whatever reason) you CAN copy individual quiz questions from one bank to another, but CANNOT copy multiple quiz questions from one bank to another--you can only MOVE them. 

I have tried to work within these constraints, and after two months of doing it in a serious and sustained way, I am now convinced that it's not me, it's the awkward, unintuitive, klunky and stupid way that quizzes and question banks are set up in the first place. 

First of all, why are the question banks hidden? To access them, I have to know the secret passage: Edit a quiz, go to add some questions, then click on "Find questions" to open up the vault of question banks. Why isn't there a front door to the question banks?

Second, even when I use the workarounds for copying multiple questions by importing the desired question bank, the imported bank is not safe. Suppose I want to duplicate the question bank ABC in order to plug new content into the existing question templates. So I import question bank from this course to itself (or from another course into this one, it doesn't matter). Now I have 2 question banks called ABC. I rename one of them DEF, and revise the questions. Now suppose I want to create another duplicate bank. I import ABC again, or maybe DEF. I'm likely to discover that question bank ABC at some point has disappeared, or that its questions have been replaced by those in DEF.

I tried to get smart, by creating a question bank called Dummy. Any question banks that I imported, I would move their questions into the Dummy bank, then rename it with the desired new title, say XYZ. It didn't work: The next time I imported the Dummy bank, it came in with its set of questions, and then bank XYZ would have all its questions erased. 

What clever combination of importing, renaming, and other safeguards will let me (a) import a question bank, (b) give it a new name, (c) revise its questions, and (d) not have to worry that those questions will disappear or be replaced by another set of questions the next time I import the source question bank?

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This program is so hard to use!!

After a semester, creating banks of 20 questions for EVERY question type I might need to use...they ALL disappeared!!  With nothing in the commons to explain how to get my question banks back.

What a waste of time this application has proven to be.  Even if I do find them in the next minute, I'll never get back the hour I've already spent trying to find a solution!!

Did you ever find the solution???