Question details not available when more than 25.

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When I am trying to review my quizzes, I am unable to view the details of the questions when I have more than 25 questions. I must go into Edit in order to see the details.  Furthermore, there is no indication of what number the question is.  I was sure that this was mentioned when we were considering changing from Blackboard to Canvas. The Canvas gurus told us it was going to be changed because there were so many complaints. It is now 3 years later.  Is there a possibility this doesn't drive everyone else crazy?

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Hello  @kbeachy ...

The things you are describing have been mentioned several times here in the Canvas Community, so you're not alone in your frustration (I've had some of the same frustrations as well, to be honest).  But, I have some good news for you.  The quizzing interface that you're referring to is the "legacy" version, but Instructure has been working on a brand new Quizzes.Next quizzing engine that addresses many of these issues.  You can find more information on Quizzes.Next by visiting this group here in the Community: Quizzes.Next User Group.  There isn't feature parity just yet between current quizzes and the new Quizzes.Next quizzing engine (meaning that some things don't exist in the new that did in the old...and vice versa), but Instructure is working towards you can see on the chart on the group home page that I shared with you.  Once you click on that link, you can "Follow" that group by clicking on the "Follow" button at the upper right hand corner of the page.  There's also an "Actions" link near there.  Click on that, and then click on "Join group".  Finally, if you talk with your school's local Canvas administrator, you might be able to find out if your school will be using the new Quizzes.Next quizzing engine any time soon.  I hope this helps, Kathryn.

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I know this is pretty late, but if anyone still has this issue in 2024, there is a hack-y way to get around it.

1. Hover over the Show Question Details checkbox until you see a red crossed-out circle, and right click

2. Choose Inspect on Chrome or Inspect (Q) on Firefox (other browsers may be different).

3. This will bring up the HTML element for the checkbox (it will highlight exactly what you need to look at). This will open on the right-hand side of the screen in Chrome and on the bottom of the screen in Firefox.

4. You will see code that says <input type="checkbox" id="show_question_details" disabled="'disabled'"> == $0. Double click where it says disabled="'disabled'" and delete out the only the disabled="'disabled'" portion, and then hit Enter. You can then close the HTML elements window by clicking on the X in the top right of the window (not the whole browser window).

5. You should now be able to click on the checkbox as you normally would and the question details will show. If you refresh or navigate away from the page, the HTML code will reload, so you will have to do the above steps again each time to see the question details.

No idea why Canvas has this disabled if it clearly still works fine, but hopefully this helps someone.

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Refresh the page (so the HTML reloads), and try deleting only the disabled="'disabled'" portion, while keeping <input type="checkbox" id="show_question_details"> intact.

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