Quiz not auto-submitted. No activity log after quiz closed.

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A student claims to have relied on a quiz to auto-submit. The quiz did not auto-submit. 

The quiz is now closed and the answers have been revealed.

I cannot access this student's activity log to verify when and if they attempted this quiz. 

I do not want to punish this student for an honest mistake, but I cannot be certain that they have not cheated because there is no activity log or logged quiz attempts for this student. 

Note that there are activity logs for other students for this quiz. 

My hunch is that because the student did not submit the quiz before the quiz was closed, their activity log was removed. This may also be because they only made a single attempt at the quiz, which they did not submit. 

Can anyone offer some insight or suggestions on this matter?

Thank you.

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My suspicion is that the student did not attempt the quiz. Canvas quizzes save as they go, and I have never seen one fail to submit when the timer runs out, and the quiz log will be generated for a partially completed quiz.. However, you can verify that the student did or did not attempt the quiz by asking your Canvas Admin/Support department to check that student's page logs for that day.

If you admin is unsure how to do this, the following guide will help, How do I view page views for a user in an account?

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