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Quizzes: See real-time progress and answers, give feedback in real time, see summary of whole class


I am a teacher, and love using FormativeIn Formative, I set a task that a student might do over a whole week, at their own pace. I've attached a screenshot.

It has these four features, and I am wondering if they exist within Canvas:

  1. I can see a summary of the entire class, including which questions they have answered (and whether I've marked it).
  2. I can see a student's response before they submit the quiz or finish typing it. This is useful because it is too late to track progress and give feedback at the end of the week when they submit - I want to give feedback immediately.
  3. I can easily click on any question, for any student, to quickly view the student response, give points, and provide feedback.
  4. If I edit a question (or add/remove questions), students see the change immediately. They do not need to refresh.

I'm aware that I can include Formative as an LTI, but I am currently looking at native Canvas functionality.

Thanks for reading, and for any help you can provide 🙂

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