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Hello all, 

I am fairly new to Canvas and online teaching. I teach Biology, online lectures and in-person lab. I would like to test my students using Canvas Quiz, but while they are in person in lab. I think I have almost all figured out except the time limit issue. 

In a regular paper exam, the student would have 60 mins to finish the test. They all would start for example at 9 am and end at 10 am. If a student is 10 minutes late, the student only gets 50 mins. 

For Canvas Quizzes, you have a few time options:

Time limit

Available from

Available Until


What combination of settings should I use to have the same setting as my paper-exams?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Community Coach

Hi @ABailettiSaez,

To replicate your in-person experience, I believe you should set the "available from" as 9am, then set the "available until" and "due" time as 10am.  Quizzes should then auto-submit at 10am (or the next time a student logs in after 10am, but they would not get to work on the quiz after 10am).

Hope this info helps!  There is a ton of other info we could get into with exam windows, timers, moderation, but I just wanted to give you the quickest answer to your question that I could.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask us!



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In addition to what @chriscas mentioned, even if you put a time limit of 1 hour on the quiz with the start time at 9am and the end/until time to 10am, the quiz would still self submit at 10am even if they started at 9:30 and worked on it 1/2 hour.

Here is the Instructors guide list for New Quizzes  and here is the one for classical quizzes.  More than likely you are using New Quizzes.


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