REST API : not getting the authorize option when integrating

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Our LMS can integrate with REST APIs from the big LMSs, but Canvas is currently giving us grief.  We go through the steps that worked when we were developing the Canvas library for our system, but, now, we do not get the option to authorize the app.  We used to get the option as seen in the screenshot below, but now we get pushed to a login page.  Is there some additional configuration that's required in Canvas i addition to adding a developer key and setting up both Redirect URIs and Redirect URI (Legacy)?  Other LMSs require a service account, but I thought that was what the developer key was for in this case. 




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Hello @Mike-W,

we will need more information to look into this and it would be best to contact Canvas Support with those examples, in this case, They will need the tool that isn't connecting so they can look into if how the tool is configured 


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