Remove Old Assignment Groups From Another Grading Period

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My courses are divided into quarters. I want my gradebooks to only show assignment groups from the current quarter, Q4. Even using the grading period filter, I am still seeing a bunch of groups from earlier quarters. None of their assignments are in Q4 and none of them can be edited, moved, or deleted. They are cluttering the grades I need to see and I don't need the kids getting confused by a bunch of useless "totals." How can I remove them from my current gradebooks?

In my attached photo, you can see an endless line of groups after "Total." All I should have right now is the first two before it. Its a brand new period and I should only have one assignment and one post-assessment, thus the two assignment groups.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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It sounds like this is happening in multiple courses is that correct? Have you tried clearing your cache using this guide to see if that helps? If you are still experiencing this issue you may need to contact Canvas support directly to troubleshoot.


How do I contact Canvas Support? 



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