Removing To Dos from Dashboard from classes you're already in?

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I'm a student! I'm in a Canvas group for a school activity, and though I check in on the course page sometimes to get updates, I don't like how its Calendar Events show up on my Dashboard To-Do list. I'm trying to keep my Dashboard compact and class-assignments-only, so I'm a bit miffed at seeing these Calendar Events. (I don't have this issue on mobile, but I have it on the desktop version.)

So far I've unstarred the course and hidden it in my calendar by un-checking the little box. However, I still see its calendar events on my Dashboard-- no longer labeled under the course name, but just as "TO DO".

Is there anything I can do to get this course's Calendar Events off of my Dashboard once and for all without having to leave the course, or will I just have to cope?

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Hi @laulau,

Can you tell us more about this course?  I think you're saying it's a Canvas course site for a non-academic (not for credit to towards your school grades) purpose, is that correct?

If so, I'm not sure there will be a way to completely remove everything about that course from your Canvas dashboard without actually leaving it.  I know a lot of schools/institutions/people like to use Canvas for unofficial things because everyone is on it so often and is familiar with it, but this is one of the downsides to doing that.  Canvas is primarily designed as a learning management system, which means it's designed for academic course content.  With that said, Canvas is also very flexible in options provided, but it's still at it's core a learning management system.  At my institution, we don't allow anthing but for-credit courses to be on Canvas, partly because of issues like this.

I know this was more of a discussion than an answer, and as a student you may not have much control over these kinds of things at your school, but I hope the info helps!  If I've completely misinterpreted the scenario, please let us know!


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