Report and export of rubric data for accreditation

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For accreditation purposes one of our departments needs to track rubrics for 7-8 assignments for each individual student. Currently, they are using paper rubrics for grading and then scanning those into Evernote into a notebook for each student.

Is there any way to export rubric data from either a teacher or admin level for specific assignments? Even a simple CSV file would be great. 

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Hi  @Brian_Renshaw 

Data, Data, and more data!

This would be handy, a even more so with a reporting feature that included the capability to aggregate and disaggregate the data.

There is a somewhat related idea at that is open for voting, and currently on the Product Team's radar.

Another great one at 

I am also going to share your question with the group, where some tricksy little devil may have a solution for you.

I hope this helps,


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