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Respondus Lockdown Browser + students accessing and submitting an "Excel" file

I'm keen to hear from others that are using Lockdown Browser and setting up either Old Quiz or New Quiz with an Excel file that students access within the lockdown browser, work on, and then submit as part of their quiz submission.

I see how to do that via an Essay Style Old Quiz question, I don't see a way to do that via New Quiz other than converting an Old Quiz question.  Sigh.

I'm very interested in hearing how people are marking the student submissions - unique URLs that have to be individually opened.  Any workflow tips to make that less tedious than it sounds?

I'm also a bit concerned that students working in the "Excel" tool with Lockdown Browser could potentially lose their information if they forget to save or the computer crashes.  That is, there is no "autosave" feature that I am aware of.  Anyone have experience with that?

Any other tips on setting these quizzes and question types up are greatly appreciated.

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