Running Attendance reports for early alert intervention

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I teach and am a senior admin for DL at my university. Is there any way to run (or automate attendance reports) for larger sets of data?  Specifically, I would like to be able to run attendance reports at the departmental level (i.e all BUS courses), and then again at the college level.

It is obvious that Canvas has this data and the ability to separate it at a granular level, but I cannot see the option at my account level.  Is this possible with an administrative account?  I want to set up better early intervention for students who would be flagged for low engagement. Typically we try and do this manually at the professor's level, but it would be much easier to run a report on an entire department or college and sort the data in a spreadsheet.  I missed two students last semester who had engaged for a few weeks, but then dropped out and failed.  I would like to be able to run a large report weekly and have someone in advising or admissions check the report for early warning signs so we can be more proactive about catching potential drop outs.

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