SCORM File Delete Button Does Not Work

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We are retrofitting our Storyline simulations for accessibility. Therefore our SCORM files are being updated from the previous file version. After uploading the latest SCORM file, we are unable to delete the older version SCORM file. There is a trash can available to delete the SCORM files, however when the button is selected, nothing happens. 

We want to remove the older SCORM files because they have the same exact file name and are creating confusion with the Canvas course builders. I have two questions:

1. Is anyone else having issues with the Trash Can "Delete" button on the SCORM page within your Canvas courses?

2. Since the Delete button won't work, is there any other way to remove the older files from the list on the SCORM page?


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Hi Gretchen,

Greetings from this former SBCTC staffer!

First off, in the interests of full disclosure I have to say that I am not all too familiar with SCORM.  I took a look in the course where it seemed you were active at the time you asked this question here in the community.  I can see the SCORM nav menu choice and I can see the delete icons associated with the individual packages.  I did some initial research, looking at SCORM in Canvas documentation.  I haven't found anything specific to deleting content but the delete icon looks like it should be pretty straightforward.  Do you have a specific content package I could try deleting?  Please feel free to DM or email me at  Either way, have you also opened a case with Support?

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Yes, last week, I had the same issue deleting SCORM using Google Chrome. Try Microsoft Edge (if you're using Windows), it works for me, or use another web browser.

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