Says it's locked in student view, and it's not & also says there's no modules defined...

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I published the first module of my class. I go into student view. It says no modules have been defined for the class. I then try to go into each section in the module in student view, and it tells me it hasn't been unlocked yet. Well, I didn't lock them! They are unlocked! please help.

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Community Coach

I know you said that your modules are unlocked, but I would encourage you to double check the module settings to make sure it is not locked and doesn't have any requirements before students can access it, since publishing the module and the module being unlocked are two different things. That's really the only thing that comes to mind for me about why this might be happening based on the provided information. 

Maybe you could share some screenshots of how the module looks and its settings from your view as an instructor, and then how it looks when you try it out in student view? That might help folks on here brainstorm solutions 🙂 

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