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Scoped token does not work with GraphQL


I'm trying to use a scoped-token API key to query GraphQL but haven't got any luck yet. Our queries always received the error message of:

{'message': 'Insufficient scopes on access token.'}


The API key has full read-only permissions and has the option "Allow Include Parameters" enabled. The queries work if we disable scoping token. Do you have any idea what we could have missed?


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Hello @HarryPhan 

I apologize that you are having trouble with your Scoped token with Graph QL. 

Can we have you submit a ticket directly to Canvas support on this issue, so that they can take a look into the error message you are receiving after using the scoped-token API key to query GraphQL? 


Thank you! 

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@ColtonSwapp thanks for the response.  I've submitted a ticket to Canvas support, the case number is 08440257. I no

I suspect that GraphQL requires the access token to have permissions on some certain scopes in order to serve my query. However I could not figure out which scopes that I'm missing. I notice there's another question about GraphQL and scoping in the forum:


FWIW, this is the GraphQL query that I'm sending:

query MyQuery {
  legacyNode(_id: "106", type: User) {
    ... on User {


And here's the list of scopes that we requested for our access token in OAuth2 flow:


scopes = [


My assumption is that the last 2 scopes should be enough for us to retrieve the data of the query.


Was this solved? I put a ticket in back in 2021 for the same thing but did not hear if it was solved.