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Select all in Move/Copy

I want to select all the question in the Move/Copy feature of the Question Bank.  Canvas only seems to allow the individual selection of questions in Move/Copy.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @mdunn_adjunct  

Check out this guide and see if it helps, 


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Thank you for the reply.

I am, however, asking how to be able to move all of the questions at once,

while not having to select each one individually.

I did look previously at the link you provide, but I did not see the option

to be able to select all the questions.

With best regards,


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On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 2:52 PM Kelley L. Meeusen <>

Hi  @mdunn_adjunct ...

I think the Guide that  @kmeeusen  has the correct information for you.  But, I wanted to do some checking of my own, too.  I've got many question banks in my own sandbox course for quizzes that I have built for our instructors.  It seems to me that if a question bank has between 1 and 13 questions, then you will have check-boxes to select individual questions after you click on the "Move Multiple Questions" button ... as shown in the Guide that Kelley linked.  You then have radio button selection options below there to choose the destination question bank where those questions should go to.  But, if I look at a question bank that has 14 or more questions, then the check-boxes go away and I can only select a destination question bank.  Then, I looked at some question banks that had 20, 30, or even 40 questions.  I thought my theory would still hold true.  And, it was...for the most part...up until I found a question bank with 60 question and another with 75 questions.  So, I chatted with Canvas Tech Support, and it sounds like there is a current ticket open with them that check-boxes are having a hard time displaying with 20 or more questions in Chrome...but not in other browsers.

While on the chat, I also asked about the ability to "Select All" as you'd like to do.  Unfortunately, that option doesn't seem available.  I searched the Community to see if I could find any other relevant links for you, and I came across this Feature Idea:  If you feel that this Feature Idea aligns with something you would like to see implemented within Canvas, you might want to consider voting for it and posting a comment letting Instructure know why it is important to you.  Keep in mind, though, that I believe this Feature Idea applies to current/legacy Quizzes and maybe not New Quizzes (formerly Quizzes.Next).  I'm only basing this on the fact that this Feature Idea was first posted in June 2015.

I know this might not be the exact answer you were looking for, but I hope that it helps in some way, Matthew.

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Dear Chris,

Thanks for the reply.

No, Kelley's reply did not have the correct information for my question.  I asked specifically about being able to select all questions at once without having to select each one individually.  I had already looked at the guide Kelley referenced and it did not address that issue at all.

Thank you for asking the Canvas Tech people on chat about being able to select all.  Thank you also for clarifying that that functionality does not seem to be available.

This is 2020.  The ability to select some or select all is a basic, "no-brainer" functionality in programs.  No, I am not going to ask Canvas to implement something as simply and obvious as this feature.  I will, however, be quite vocal amongst my colleagues about my displeasure with my own experience with Canvas.  I will also support furture efforts to transplant it with some other system.