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Show rubric in Speedgrader by default.

Is there any way to set a default in Speedgrader that would automatically show the rubric for every student?  In other words, when in Speedgrader, a teacher has to click on the Show Rubric button, make selections, and then select save for that student.  When the teacher goes to the next student, the rubric is not showing UNTIL the teacher presses the Show Rubric button.  That is highly annoying if you want to use the rubric for each student (which is why a rubric is created!).

Is there a setting that I cannot find that would always open up the rubric for every student in Speedgrader?

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I am looking to do the same. Hoping there is an answer soon. 

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I agree that this is highly annoying. I have hundreds of students in my course and having to do that extra click for each student takes time and adds to my carpel tunnel syndrome.

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Instructors have been requesting this feature for at least a couple years now. It's called "speed grader," so having to stop and click is frustrating. Please add an option in settings where the instructor can choose to always display rubric by default for all assignments. Also, the user should not have to widen the area to be able to see the points column, which also slows us down. Please make speed grader a speed grader.  Thanks!