Student receiving notifications on his calendar for all of my class periods

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I have 4 classes cross-listed into one. I have one student who is receiving calendar notifications for each period. So, he is receiving zoom meeting updates, etc for all of my periods and they are overwhelming his notification feed anytime I add zoom meeting times, etc. How do I fix this? I have scoured through the notifications set-ups and help pages and can't figure it out. Thanks for your help.

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Hi @mbarr1 

Can you check to see if he is enrolled in each of the sections?  That's the only cause I can think of that would result in his getting the notifications for all sections.  To check, look on the people page to see if he is listed in each section.

As far as fixing the notifications, you would not be able to change the student's notification settings.  That is a user-specific setting. The student would have to adjust his settings.

There may be an option not to notify students of the zoom meetings, but that would mean none of your students would get the notification.  I'm not familiar with setting up Zoom in Canvas, so I can't say for certain if you have that option.

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Hi @mbarr1 

I agree with @gnoack in that the only way I know of this happening is if the students are enrolled in all of your periods, and would strongly recommend that you check this out with your school's Canvas Admin/Support department. If this is somehow the way that your school's enrollments are managed, your students can still choose to not receive notifications from specific courses; in this case, the extra periods they are enrolled in. This guide will show them how: How do I manage Notifications for a single course as a student?

Also, one thing that keeps running through my mind is that if your courses are cross-listed, as you said, then you should only be making changes to the one combined course that everyone is cross-listed in to, and your students should only be receiving notices from that course. Are you somehow using your cross-listed courses differently?

Good luck,


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