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Tracking Field Experience Hours in Canvas


Our academic program requires our students to complete 300 field experience hours prior to graduation. Additionally, the 300 hours need to be spent performing certain roles (i.e. 100 hours observation, 100 hours assistance, 100 hours leadership). Does anyone know of a mechanism within Canvas that may be beneficial for tracking these hours? 

Since Canvas is our LMS at The Citadel, I would really like to record these hours within this network if at all possible. Any help in addressing this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Chris Bellon

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Sorry Chris, I don't have an answer for this one; however...

I too am interested in the tracking of participated hours that can be reported on for auditing purposes. For example, I want to generate a report of the number of hours a student has actively participated in study (real-time).  Current data can inform the total hours spent in the course and last login; however, total hours is not a reliable source of data for identified hours of participating in actual study... or in your case Chris, hours of applied learning.

I am thinking that this may have to be built into the design of the course where assignments, discussions, and quizzes are constantly used to present content and, most importantly, evidences participation that constitutes "study" both in training and assessment terms (competency-based training terminology) and auditing terms. Chris, this could be applicable to your situation where Assignment upload of logged hours with sign-off from a supervisor may be sufficient evidence for 100 hours of applied learning/experience/training, etc. 

Also thinking of the inclusion of digital badges for each module, this could be an indicator of hours participated for the module (though not guaranteed evidence) and Canvas could report on an individual students' total hours of participation/study in Canvas that can be legitimately used for auditing purposes/ funding purposes.

However, I am hoping there is a more simple way to track and pull this data e.g. Edu Ap. 

Cheers Jacquie

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I am also interested in finding a mechanism within Canvas that may be beneficial for tracking hours. Has there been any updates?