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Turn off inbox messaging or get it forwarded

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I really do not want to check Canvas and my email for student questions. How can I either disable inbox messages or have them forwarded to my email account?

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I would imagine that there has got to be some sort of coding that could block or re-route messages as they are sent through Canvas servers.

In addition to my above post, just make sure you don't include the original e-mail in the reply from your e-mail client. If you do, this will cause the original post to be included in your reply in Canvas.   I usually hit Cmd-A (Ctrl-A on PC) to select all and hit "delete" before I start my response.

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Thanks Jeremy.

This is very interesting.

I have a few questions, if we turn this on for our institution

1. Does this apply to both staff and students? (ie. anyone in the institution can opt out of the Inbox and just check their emails) - I'm assuming this is the case.

2. What happens if Person A opts out of the Inbox; used their email client (we also use Outlook for staff; gmail for students) to respond to Inbox messages (conversations). Some weeks later, they decided to turn it back on, will they be able to see all the past conversations in their Inbox?





1. It is for all users.

2. The messages are still tracked in the inbox, all that is really happening is turning off notifications in Canvas. They'll no longer get a "ticker" in Canvas indicating unread messages. At least that is my understanding...

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Wow, thank you so much for the super quick response and all the information!! Smiley Happy

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We use this option at my institution. Notifications for Conversations occur ASAP; what's removed is the indicator count of unread Inbox messages.

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"Allow users to opt out of the Conversation's Inbox. This will cause all conversation messages and notifications to be sent as ASAP notifications to the user's primary email, hide the Conversation's Inbox unread messages badge on the Inbox, and hide the Conversation's notification preferences."

Sorry for being slow here, so the Inbox icon will remain, just the unread message badge will disappear?

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Anyone else has used this feature in their Institution would be able to share some screenshots?

1. Where would one goes to opt out of Inbox

2. What does the Global Navigation looks like

3. Can I still click on Inbox (if the icon itself isn't hidden) and what would I see

4. If you are a student of a course, does that mean the "Ask your instructor a question" option from Help menu disappears? Or not? (a screenshot?)

Would Canvas Admin know who has opt out of Inbox?

Thank you so much!!

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Yes, that is correct, the Inbox icon remains, but the count of unread messages will not be shown next to that icon.  This works with the old UI; we just turned on the new UI today at our institution and will need confirm whether the Conversations Inbox Opt Out feature works in the new UI. (In brief testing now I see some uncertain results...)

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Personally, I'd rather be able to have the entire "inbox" system disabled.  I forbid my students to send messages using it.