Unable to create multiple Deeplinks on canvas instance

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Hi all, I'm using the following canvas instance (2021.09.15-1-18-r04 on Debian 10) to add Deeplinks to the course modules. Here the canvas is accepting multiple Deeplinks. When I add a single deeplink it's submitted to the canvas with a 200 response and added to the modules.

But when I select multiple deep links from the picker window and submit them to the canvas, the canvas submission sends 302 and redirect to a canvas login inside the iframe.


this seems to be an issue with session cookies. Is there any way to fix this bug? (Github issue link)


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Hello @namilaB 

I understand that you are trying to add multiple deep links to a module and are running into issues with it.  

It sounds like you are trying to add multiple links to a module at once, which are utilizing an external tool that has been configured for use in your course.

In Canvas, you would only be able to add one link at a time. So if you have multiple links you are trying to add into your modules page, you would only be able to do this one at a time, unfortunately. 

HERE is our guide on adding external tools as a module item. 


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