Unenrolled and then re-enrolled a student, how to get their previous work back?

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Hello, we have a student who was in a course and did some work. They were then unenrolled and a few days later re-enrolled into the course. Their work does not appear. Is there a way to retrieve this work? We enroll and unenroll via SIS sync if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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Hi mas,

Normally, when a student drops or is unenrolled in a class vi SIS, what is actually happening in the background is that the "status" of the enrollment record is changed to either "inactive" (which is still visible in the People listing for the course) or "deleted" (which is not visible anywhere in the GUI).  However, when the student is re-enrolled via SIS, all that's really happening is that the status is changed back to "active", and when that happens, all the student work/grades/etc. is visible again.

The only way I can think of that re-enrolling a student would not result in their work being restored is if either the user id or the section id is different on the "new" enrollment.

The way I would approach troubleshooting this is to run a provisioning report (Admin > Settings > Reports > Provisioning) and retrieve a list of all the enrollments.  Be sure to check the "Include deleted..." option, since you're looking for an enrollment record for the student in the course with a status of "deleted".

If you are able to find one, look at the user and section information to see how it is different from the current active enrollment.  You can then create a quick SIS feed CSV file with that one record, and change the status to "active" to view the student's work.  However, you'll need to figure out why the information on the deleted record is different than the current information that is coming from your SIS.

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