Ungraded assignments- do they become 0s?

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Ok so, my teacher had posted the same assignment twice in one day- giving it different titles, though. So I submitted it twice, and he only graded one of them (got a 100 though!). My question is: if he never touches that other one and it's left ungraded til the end of the school yr- right now we're in the 4th quarter with over a month left- on the last day of school, will it become a 0 automatically? And if so, will it change my final grade for report cards, because right now I have an A? 


P.S. (TMI, srry)

I ask this bc in 1st quarter I believe, i had a 98 in chemistry and she gave us this project. She saw most ppl weren't doing it and said it's optional/extra credit, so me and my fiend didn't do it. However, when I went to check, it changed to 0 and my grade became a 93. I asked the teacher and she said she didn't put it; the grade she sent out for report cards said "98 or 97".  I was lucky I guess, I just worry bc I'm a str8 A student (not to brag) and I don't want a B for any reason!

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Whether or not an ungraded assignment becomes a zero will depend on how your teacher has their class set up and is not something that's predictable across all Canvas classes. Some teachers will have their gradebooks ignore blanks (essentially treat them as excused) and others will choose to have blanks considered zeroes when looking at final grades. (Teachers can also choose to have missing assignments auto-filled with a missing work placeholder grade at the due date, but it sounds like your teacher isn't doing that.)

You need to check with your teacher and find out what you should do about this assignment and how it will affect your grade.

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