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I am a Canvas Admin for our Institution and recently one of our departments got invited into a program that uses a third party LTI.  I have added LTIs in the past, however this time I am perplexed.  The vendor is asking for me to provide the "Vendor Sharable ID" and I am not sure what that means. I did recently create a Canvas ticket, but I thought I would also invite the community to offer feedback in the likelihood that other admins have had this request and can identify what the external LTI tool vendor is asking.  


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Community Team
I have looked into the RQI tool that you mentioned, and it appears that there are several versions of the tool that can be configured various ways. Based on what I am seeing in the documentation for what appears to most common implementation, the Vendor Shareable ID, is most likely the username that is passed from Canvas to the LTI during authentication. Most times this is the email address or username/login for the user, but without knowing the specifics of the tool you mention, I can not be completely certain of this.

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