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When will the issues with Course Copying be resolved? Images!

At the University of Wisconsin, we use Canvas. Periodically, we need to copy an older course into a new course shell. The main issue we encounter is that images from the originating course (the one we copy from) may or may not show-up when Students view the new course.  

Our only remedy at this time is inefficient. Specifically, we have to:

1. Download images from the original course + copy the associated Alt Text.
2. Navigate to the new course. 
3. Remove the images. 
4. Upload images to each page (re-doing the layout).
5. Re-add the Alt Text for each image. 

This is a known issue for the University of Wisconsin as documented in the linked KB article. This is not a new issue and it impacts us today. I spent an unexpected 40 hours diagnosing and using the steps above so that students can view course images. 

If Instructure is not going to remedy or improve the current functionality notes in the linked KB article, staff and management will have to budget, on the average, an extra 40 hours per course copy.  

The big question is: 

Does Instructure have any plans to rectify?




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Community Coach

Good morning, @badams_madison ...

Hello from Fond du Lac, WI!  Every so often I see questions here in the Community about images not showing up properly in courses.  Often, the embedded image appears as a broken image that cannot be viewed...which is what I'm assuming is happening for you?  Have you tried reaching out to the Canvas Support folks to report this issue?  That way, they can log your ticket, do some investigation, and do some troubleshooting with you to see if this can be resolved.  Sometimes, they need to send these kinds of issues to their engineering folks to do some further investigation, too.  But, they are really good at making sure you're informed of any updates and if it was fixed (if need be).  Here's a Guide to get you started:

How do I contact Canvas Support? - Canvas Community

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.


I totally believe that you are seeing other questions come-up on this topic. Why? Because it has broad impacts.

When you copy a course, the image files stay linked to the originating course. The UW KB Article fully outlines this ongoing issue. Yes, duly reported and here's the response as found in the University of Wisconsin's Knowledge Base:

The workaround? The University of Wisconsin has documented the steps in the KB Article. 

Chofer? Please parse the KB Article and if you have any additional insights, the Community at large would benefit from sharing.  

Thank you.