Why can the students not see my Scheduler appointment group?

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I cant make my appointment group public. As a teacher I have filled out the formular (See attached file: Screenshot_2) and clicked on the Make public button (Offentliggør) but all the timeslots are greyed out in my calendar (See attached file: Screenshot_3), and it does not show up in the calendar of the students

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Hi @JensRohleder 

From the screenshots you sent, it seems your appointments were created correctly. 

It is normal for them to show greyed out. they only show a solid color after students sign up to them. 

You can see it in this guide:

How do I add a Scheduler appointment group in a course calendar? 

"Time slots that have been reserved by students will show as a solid color."


Since the appointments have been set up correctly, make sure that students go to their calendar, and then select "find appointments" on the right to be able to find the appointments.

If they don't select that, they won't see the slots. 

Here is a guide with the steps they need to follow to sign up

How do I sign up for a Scheduler appointment in the Calendar? 


Thank you.

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