Why do some institutions create single-section courses?

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I am currently weighing up the benefits of courses vs. sections. I like the idea of putting all classes into their own separate courses to provide teachers with full control over files, pages, assignments etc so that they can make changes and differentiate without affecting any other classes. Would it be okay to not use sections at all or would there be some benefits of sections that we would be missing out on if we opt for stand-alone courses?

I have seen that some institutions create single-section courses and I am unsure of why this is done and if this is something that may be on benefit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Community Coach

Hi @LucasWinter,

In Canvas, enrollments are in sections, and then sections belong to a course.  You can't have people in a course without a section, so that's why you're probably seeing "single section courses" quite often.  You can have multiple sections in one course, but the only people who could access a course without a section would be admins (so they could go in the course and create sections, etc).

Hope this helps!


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