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Why doesn't replying to a graded discussion count as a submission? and Bug Reports: Wrong Submission Timestamp

I replied to a graded discussion from the discussion page, fully answering the discussion, and it didn't count as a submission even though I saw my post in the assignment preview. However, the instructor wasn't able to see this same post as a preview from this page. I reposted it months later to submit it, but it used the original timestamp as the submission date, even though it wasn't originally counted as submitted (This is actually a bug). If I created a reply on August 1 and submitted another reply on October 30, it would say I submitted on August 1. What should happen is that either 1. creating an original post in the graded discussion should automatically bring up a modal that asks if the user wants to submit to the assignment, so that their contribution to the discussion can be graded or 2. the assignment preview should not show posts that were not counted as submissions in the graded discussion assignment and should not use the original post's timestamp as the submission date when actually submitting the graded discussion.

User Role: Student

Steps to reproduce:

1. Reply to a graded discussion from the discussion page, not using the submit button from the assignment page

2. See that the Submit button is still on the Canvas assignment linked to the graded discussion, but the reply shows up in the assignment (But the instructor cannot see this reply from the assignment when grading)

3. Wait at least a minute so that the timestamp can change.

4. Submit a new post to the Canvas discussion from the assignment page

5. The first post's timestamp is used as the submission date, despite not being a submission

Note: My institution does not have the Report a Problem feature in the Canvas Help Menu

Weird bug in this forum: Even though it says that invalid HTML has been removed from my post, when I try to post, it doesn't let me and gives the same message, that invalid HTML was removed (but if it was already removed in previous post attempts, why does it still infinitely give this message?). I have to go into PREVIEW to be able to post in this forum and I don't have to correct anything.

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I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution.
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Hello @WarrenTrinh

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community!

I was not able to replicate this behavior you are describing on my end. I am wondering if I am missing some details on this.

I was a little confused about some of the verbiage you were using on this. You mention that you were seeing the "Submit button is still on the Canvas assignment linked to the graded discussion." Does your Teacher have an assignment setup that has a link to a graded discussion or something? Or are you seeing that the graded discussion is showing in the assignments page and that is what you are submitting too? Technically, those would be two separate things. A graded assignment will accept it's own submissions and the discussion will also accept it's own submission. So if you reply to a graded discussion, the submission would be on that discussion and would not show on the assignment. If you submit to the assignment, it would not show on the discussion.

I know you said that your school does not have an option to report a problem in the help menu. They might not be paying for support from Canvas, which is why you might not have an option to submit a case of contact Canvas support. Does your institution offer an option to report an issue like this to the IT helpdesk at all? They might be able to reach out to Canvas support with your specific examples and have them take a look into this.

For the Bug in the forum, I am not sure what would cause that to happen. Do you get that message after you clear the cache and cookies on your browser? (MAC) (PC) Just to confirm, you were not doing anything crazy as far as the HTML editor is concerned right?


The way the assignment is set up is that it shows up as a discussion, but if you go into Grades and click on the discussion it has a preview and a submit button where it creates a modal where you have to type in a new post. This new post shows up on the actual discussion and the Submit button turns into Re-submit. For some reason, when I try to resubmit to take a screenshot and show what the modal looks like, it just redirects to the discussion page so I can't show it. What I'm referring to is a graded discussion, the same 1 discussion, no additional assignment that just links to the discussion. Posting in the discussion, even though clicking on it from the assignment page redirects to the discussion page and it says 1 point possible, doesn't submit for some reason. Even though the only purpose of posting in a graded discussion was to get graded. As you can see, the submission date says September 22 but when I posted on September 22, it didn't count as a submission and my assignment appeared as MISSING, so I ended up getting 0 points. When I submitted in November, there wasn't an option to just submit the post I already had, I had to create another post. Yes, my school has an IT helpdesk.

For the forum bug, I'm only typing the characters on a QWERTY keyboard, and when I try from a private window (so the same as no cookies/cache), the error doesn't show up, but it might've originated from me typing extra newlines, it stripping them, and somehow not unflagging the error. When I clear just canvaslms cookies, I still get the infinitely-remove-errors error. However, I'm encountering another bug where after hovering a file over the textbox, I'm blocked from typing anymore and I can't remove this view. Screenshot link since I used the maximum attachments: https://imgur.com/a/FPwBwzD If I try to actually drop a file it won't accept it and I can't escape o...

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