Will Chrome 100 break Instructure websites?

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According to this Forbes website and countless others, Chrome 100 will break several websites, especially older ones, based on their article in December 2021.

In summary, the issue could potentially be:

"The reason for this is these sites check the version of Chrome visiting the site, but a significant number of website design suites only check the first two digits. The check is for security reasons to stop older, unsupported versions of Chrome from visiting (version 40 and older is a common cut-off point) and Chrome 100 will be read as ‘Chrome 10’ and blocked."

I just want to notify that Canvas website developers, and will make appropriate changes (if necessary) before it is officially launched and not affect countless students and instructors.

Chrome Canary is on version 99.  Official Chrome release is on version 97.

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Hello @ReynaldoTeves  Thanks for asking about the Chrome 100 update, and triple digit user agent string potentially breaking some websites as it will only recognize two digits and then it will potentially think the browser is outdated.

We asked the engineers to look into this and we don't anticipate this will cause any issues, but we are going to be investigating this.

I did some testing with the information on the Chrome Developer page here: 

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