Will creators embed an AI detector into Canvas?

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I've just busted my first student for using ChatGPT to generate an assignment. Clearly this will become more and more prevalent. My question is this--will Canvas embed an AI detector into their LMS? I would love to see this. 

Currently, I'm using https://openai-openai-detector.hf.space/ to catch this, but any LMS which embeds an AI detector would clearly have a leg up on the competition. (See screen shot of the kind of quick report that openai provides). 

Ideally, it should stop a student from submitting something with a certain percentage (or higher) that their work is fake, and ask "Are you sure you want to submit this?" with an option to back out of the assignment submission before they face real consequences.

At my college, our student handbook has a general statement that indicates submitting any work that isn't the student's own is academic misconduct. I strengthen that by making my own course policies which state that using any AI, including ChatGPT to generate or write one's assignment will result in a zero and a write up with the college. A second situation will result in a zero (F) in the class and a second write up with the college. At my college, three write ups for academic misconduct results in suspension or expulsion. (Or at least that what our student handbook claims.)

Oh, and yes, I do think that Elon Musk and his buddies are evil.