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I downloaded the canvas app for my windows computer. When I search for my school URL, it opens in a webpage rather than the app. Am I able to log into my school URL on the app?

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I'm not sure why you would need to use that Canvas app that you have on your computer.  I searched the Microsoft Store, and there isn't a Canvas app.  Also, I used the "Search" screen in Windows like you show in your first screenshot, and I don't have a Canvas app like you show.  But, I do see that you have the Edge browser on your computer (icon is on the far left-hand side of your desktop and on the bottom of your taskbar/toolbar), and you should be able to log into your school's Canvas account using that rather than the Canvas app that you have on your computer.  (Maybe that app was just a shortcut or something?)  Have you tried logging in using Edge?

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