change one question from existing quizzes set to an extra credit question

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Hey everyone

I have a set of 18 quizzes that use 3 question banks. I have set it to pull 5-10 questions from first 2 banks, and then pull 1-2 from the 3rd bank. 

I would like to change the 3rd bank questions into extra credit questions. It doesn't seem like there is an automatic way of doing this. They all seem to suggest changing the points to 0 and then manually add the points upon inspecting the results. 

Or they suggest changing the rubric and then manually entering the fudge points. 

Is there a way to automatically change 1-2 questions into extra credit questions? So if they get it right, they get the points even if it exceed the total possible, but if they don't get it, they won't be penalized for it.