recover previously saved comments in Speedgrader?

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As an Instructor i made some comments in Speedgradr and saved them.

After vacation of a month I copy'n'pasted those saved comments into a new textbox on the particular student's assignment I was marking so I could amend/edit them. Stupidly I deleted the previously saved comments. I then left the open/unsaved textbox for a while and when I came back Canvas had autologged off and the comments had all gone : (

Is there away to get the previously saved comments from the Canvas server? I tried the '/undelete' trick and nothing worked. Or could they be somewhere on a local hidden file on my laptop (like the browser...?)



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Hi @JayKay 
When you put a comment on the speedgrader and don't submit, they get saved as a draft and you would be able to see them as a draft there. If you are not seeing them listed, they were not saved as a draft, and unfortunately, there wouldn't be a way to recover those. 

Thank you.

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