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upload failure

I have now recorded a 45 minute video assignment twice and it is failing to upload. I have used this same computer for multiple recorded video assignments in the past without difficulty. Please call me to help me resolve this as I cannot continue to record this assignments for them to fail to upload.

Thank you

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Good morning, @AlishaGilmore ...

I would highly recommend that you reach out to Canvas Support so that they can take a look at this issue more in depth with you. Here is a Guide with a bunch of helpful links on how to contact Support.

How do I contact Canvas Support? - Instructure Community

Please come back to this thread to provide an update once you've found a solution to this issue so that we know how you were able to get the issue with your videos solved...thanks!

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Do you have Canvas Studio? If so, I would suggest that you create your video within Canvas Studio. Then you can upload it into your course.

I think the problem you're having is the length of your video. 45 minutes is very long.