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Community Team

Release Screencast: 2021-10-16 User Settings (Microsoft Immersive Reader Additional Feature Areas)

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-10-16 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

  • This topic is for feature discussion only—please share use cases, best practices, etc. regarding this feature
  • Please thread replies as much as possible to keep posts organized


  • Idea enhancement feedback to product managers should be submitted in (though linking to the idea here so others can find it is welcome)
  • Bug reports should be submitted to Canvas Support—bugs will not be triaged in this thread


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Community Champion

I noticed in my testing that it doesn't display when assignment enhancements are turned on in a course. It is this on assignment enhancements team radar? 

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Hi, @snugent. We do have this on our radar and will work to have it available with Assignment Enhancements enabled as soon as possible. More to come as we get the project scoped and the work completed.  

@snugent, just a quick update on your question - the update to make Immersive Reader available with Assignment Enhancements enabled is nearly complete. We intend to make it available in our November 10 deploy. This is also documented in my recent blog update in the Assignment Enhancements User group.  

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Community Participant

Hi there, this looks good. Back when it was first released, why was it made optional at an institutional level and not enforced? I'm trying to understand the history of it. Was there hesitation for any specific reason?

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Community Contributor

@kirsten_ryall, Canvas/Instructure might be able to provide more detail or an exact reason but I believe the original hesitation was because it is a Microsoft feature and Microsoft could have removed its functionality or restrict it to only organizations that were Microsoft customers.