Reflect Course Pacing Assignment in Overrides

Community Participant

We are currently utilizing the Canvas API to handle grade passback between Canvas and our SIS. There are certain assignment configurations that present challenges in how we code our grade passback, but we've learned to use the Assignment Overrides to handle a lot scenarios. Mastery Paths have proven challenging, but we're able to see that assignments are Mastery Path enabled assignments in the Title of the override, which enables us to apply certain logic to assignments with that type of override.

Right now, we are unable to do the same with Course Pacing as the title of the override just says "No Title". It would be great if assignments that were a part of a course with Course Pacing enabled reflected Course Pacing in the override title. We would love to be able to utilize Course Pacing and having the information exposed in the title of the override would allow us to accommodate for Course Pacing with grade passback with minimal lift. I have attached screenshots from a Mastery Path override vs a Course Pacing override to help illustrate the request.