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Turnitin for Discussions?

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Apologies if I missed it here...

I have seen and followed the comments about adding Turnitin integration into Canvas Discussions in other places in the community.  I did not see anything here.  We are certainly advocating for the integration of Turnitin in the Discussions Redesign. 



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As an administrator and instructor it is important to have the ability to check originality on both discussion posts and major writing assignments. My current practice when I suspect plagiarism is to do a quick, and often fruitless, google search. 

@bjholt  Thank you for raising this issue.

@Katrina-Hess Thank you for including this in the Discussion redesign.

Ensuring authentic engagement in the Discussion assignments is crucial. As others have shared, we are seeing copy/pasted posts from previous classes, different sections, other students, and information from web. Many faculty are teaching large classes or several classes, adding up to large numbers, and the current situation is untenable.

So appreciate that you recognize the problem and are working on a solution. We look forward to the updates. Please include us in any updates you have.






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Has TurnItIn been integrated into DBs? Or does the instructor have to submit the students' posts the Turnitin?

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@KathyDButler - No, Turnitin is not available in discussions, either using the current tool or in the redesign.  As far as I know, it is not being considered for inclusion.  The redesign seems to be more about user interface changes than adding major features.