Elevate Data Quality Usage Tracking (All Other States)

The Elevate Data Quality Usage Tracking Report allows Elevate Data Quality Administrators to monitor the adoption and use of Elevate Data Quality among users. To help ensure the most effective data quality program and promote strong data stewardship engagement, we recommend Elevate Data Quality Administrators review this report on a frequent basis (weekly or monthly) to keep an up-to-date Elevate Data Quality user list, as well as, a way to proactively identify end users who are not logging in or who are taking expected and timely action to correct their assigned data issues. Often this report helps administrators provide targeted support and interventions with data stewards, such as additional training.

The Elevate Data Quality Usage Tracking Report is sent via email notification.

The Login History table shows all current registered Elevate Data Quality users. It displays the user’s last login date as well as the number of times the user has logged in.

Login History

This report can be configured to run daily, but most districts prefer to receive it weekly or monthly.

To enable this report for your district if you are not currently receiving it, please contact data-quality-support@instructure.com. Please specify the frequency with which you would like to receive it.