Understanding Elevate Data Quality Alerts

Elevate Data Quality alerts are tallies, reports, or sometimes early warning indicators and do not represent errors in the data. 

They may be used to monitor specific criteria over time and can alert users to trends in their data. They may warrant that some action be taken, but don't usually require a change to any data in the Student Information System. 

Example of an Alert

As an example in the Elevate Data Quality Rule Library, the following alert triggers when a student’s attendance falls below 90%:

ATT 040-0075 - (Alert) Students with attendance less than 90% YTD. 

Many districts consider this chronically absent and actively monitor this. Although some action may be warranted, it is not a data quality problem and requires no changes in the Student Information System.

Alerts Scorecards do not show a DCS Score:


In contrast, Elevate Data Quality Validations represent missing, conflicting, or illogical data. When a Elevate Data Quality Validation fails, it indicates a likely problem in your data that most often will require a change or update be made in the Student Information System.

For example, the following Elevate Data Quality Rule Library rule triggers when a student’s birth date is in the future:

DEM 010-0150 - Birth Date must be prior to today.  

This situation should be corrected in your Student Information System to resolve the violation.

Validations Scorecards do show a DCS Score: