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Mark a Quiz as extra credit

Mark a Quiz as extra credit

Some of our instructors have the need to provide extra credit via a quiz.  Students would earn specific points based on their correct answer and receive extra points based on their score but it would not increase the course or assignment group total points. I envision this as a checkbox option in Quiz creation.  [] Mark this Quiz as extra credit.  Then it would behave in the manner described above.


Here is the old thread on this.  I could not find a new version here but maybe I am missing it.

Extra Credit Quiz : Help Center


An alternative to this would be to allow questions themselves to be marked as extra credit and that would allow the flexability to have specific questions within a Quiz or the whole quizzes set of questions marked as extra credit.

Community Member​ - Thanks for re-submitting this idea and giving it life in the new community.

In addition to this resource: How do I give my students extra credit?​ I am also copying the work-around that was suggested from the old thread you posted (since that link will eventually disappear after June 30).

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The issue this feature request is referring to is that if students take a quiz in Canvas where the entire quiz should be counted as extra credit it is not easy. The following directions explain how the steps needed to make it happen:

  • Create a quiz
  • Provide point values for each question. (making the quiz worth "X" amount of points - the total number of points the extra credit should be worth.)
  • Publish the quiz and have the students take it.
  • Once all students have taken a quiz and received a score, which is recorded in the gradebook.
  • Edit the Quiz and change the Quiz type to a Graded Survey worth "0" points. The number of points the students originally earned on the quiz will not change, the only thing you are changing is the type (Quiz to Survey) and the number of points possible (X points to 0 points)
  • The student will then receive whatever extra credit value they earned from the quiz.

IMPORTANT: When copying the course it will copy it as a survey - so be sure to Edit and revert it back to a graded quiz for the next semester!!

Lamplighter II

Our faculty request this option all the time. It is a much needed feature!

Learner II

Yes, I used this very recommendation from​ today with one of our Animal Science faculty and she was quite happy as she was convinced that there was no workable option. Admittedly, it is a pretty nutty work-around so I am confident that this request will get some traction.

Thanks​ for already having it figured out and well and simply documented so I could just grab it and go!

Enjoying the new community as well.

Community Coach
Community Coach

No problem, but I can't take full credit. I'm not sure where I heard the suggestion, it was on the old  community quite a while ago, but we played around until we got it to work the way we needed it to. Yes wonky, but at least an option for now!


Yes! Please add this. Quizzes that can be extra credit. And also, we would like to specify certain questions on a quiz as extra credit for that quiz. 

Community Team
Community Team

Removing "Ability to" from the title of this idea to make it more easily sortable with similar ideas.


I'd like to broaden the general suggestion from extra credit quizzes to extra credit assignments. Some instructors might want to be able to give extra credit for work that's not supported by the quiz format.

At the same time, I'd like to support the idea of having specific extra credit questions within quizzes.

Learner II

We get this feature request quite a bit on our campus.  Love to see it added.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Alistair,

Just FYI; there is a more general extra credit request under vote over at


Great easily-implemented workaround solution suggested on this thread.