Making the Most of Impact in your K12 Environment



Making the Most of Impact in your K12 Environment

Admin teams everywhere are struggling to do more with less. With access to Impact, there are a number of features available to you to help streamline data-informed decision making, offer targeted guidance, and discover activity and trends in an efficient manner.

Data-Informed Decision Making

Do you need to quickly see what users are utilizing an assessment  tool? Do you need to find out who your site-specific Discussions champions are? Have you enabled Discussions Redesign and want to track adoption before the July 2024 enforcement? Impact has great tools to help you visualize this data and guide your decision making for next steps.

Check out the Tool Adoption report to learn more about how your tools are being utilized at large, or filter down to your sub-accounts to see how those features are utilized at a more granular level. Export this data for an easy to read CSV of who these active or non-active users are or start a campaign to target these users or non-users with guidance!




The Champions Report is also a great place to determine who can help you drive change and generate enthusiasm among staff members. If each of your school sites has its own sub-account, we encourage you to filter by user group for a list of teachers at each school that can help lead this change!



Targeted Guidance with Out-of-the-Box Campaigns and Walkthroughs


As an Impact admin, you may be tasked with creating guidance to support your users. Our content team continues to grow our library of Out-of-the-Box templates for Campaigns, Walkthroughs, and support articles to help guide your teachers, students, and observers. 


Our Campaigns and Walkthroughs can be customized to meet your district needs and can be rolled out in a few easy steps. I highly recommend checking out the Campaign Templates to see if an OOTB Campaign or Walkthrough exists before creating it yourself! You can also preview all available templates in our Community Space, or request content to be created by our content team, if you don’t find what you ned.




Quick Tip: Leverage the New Release Campaign to quickly raise awareness of new Canvas features!


Taking a Moment to Reflect


Once you’ve launched that campaign, walkthrough, support article, or message, be sure to check out your insights and consider the following:


  • Did my message reach the intended audience? 
  • Did users engage with my content through feedback? Does the feedback provided inform me that changes need to be made to the guidance to increase clarity?
  • Did I see an increase in feature adoption by utilizing this guidance? If yes, is this something I should utilize again at a later date? If not, what modifications can be made to my guidance or larger plan to contribute to adoption success? 

Our Strategic Consultants are Here to Help!

If you are interested in partnering with an Impact Strategic Consultant to assist with the lift of your projects by working with you to create plans, content, or more, please reach out to your Instructure Customer Success Manager! We have consulting and training resources available to assist you should you need it! 

There are many ways to utilize Impact, and we look forward to hearing from you about your K12 Impact success! Please share what Impact feature has been most helpful to you as an admin that likely wears many hats!