How do I create a campaign from the Tool Adoption Report in the Impact Dashboard?

You can set up a targeted communication campaign based on tool usage statistics by using the Tool Adoption Report.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click Insights link [1]. Click the Tool Adoption tab [2].

View Tool Adoption

View the Tool Adoption Report.


View Monitor Adoption

View Monitor Adoption

Hover over the desired monitor category and click the arrows.

Create Campaign

Click the Create campaign link [1]. You can choose to target users who have or have not been active within the selected monitor category [2].

View Campaign Details

In the dialog, enter the name and intention of your campaign and click the Target Audience button.

View Target Audience

Review the automatically selected target audience based on the selected monitor category and click the Outcomes button.

View Outcomes

Review the Tool Adoption statistics, which automatically includes the selected monitor category.

Click the Save button to be taken to your newly created campaign.

View Campaign

Add your messages and/or support content to the campaign and start your campaign or schedule a launch date.