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Learner II

The Best Session at #Instcon (isn't on the schedule)

I can't believe this will be my fourth time at Instructure Con :smileygrin:. Through the years I've attended lots of great sessions and learned some great things that I've been able to take back home and share with my colleagues. So as I looked through the session guide and saw Deactivated user​'s tweet about writing a blog post I took a moment to pause and reflect on what the best session at instcon15 will be.

I'm super excited about all of the keynote speakers and I'm a huge science geek so you might think my top pick would be the KEYNOTE by DEREK MULLER​ and I'm sure that is going to be great, but no that's not it! I'm also jazzed about the new Canvas Swag we will get and all the great meals that are sure to be waiting, but that won't last too long and even the awesome swag will fade away. So what is the BEST Session (that is not on the schedule)? You ready for it? Okay.. I'll let it roll. The best session is connecting with the people that go to #instcon. The first thing you should be thinking of when you make your schedule is when will I get to connect with some of the amazing people that have come to this conference! There will be plenty of opportunities, but you have to plan for them more diligently than you are planning what sessions you go to. If you need to miss a session to go take a walk or have a conversation with some people don't feel bad about it, do it! In the end all the sessions will be on YouTube so you won't really miss them, but what you will miss is making new connections and have great conversations about learning with your peers and Instructure peeps. Those authentic moments aren't YouTube-able so make those a priority this year! I know I will, and that is the session I'm looking forward to the most!

Here are some good networking opportunities for you to put on your to do list:

1) Sit by someone you don't know at meals and strike up a convo and exchange contact info.


3) Do something totally and unexpectedly nice for someone else every day!

4) Come to the " modifiedtitle="true" title="the free unconference​ on Tuesday, where things will be much more interactive and collaborative.

5) Share your best tips in the comments or write a blog post of your own.

6) Take a sneakyselfieswithkenneth​

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Awesome post  @clong ​! You totally nailed it on the networking side of instcon15​!

Thanks Smiley Happy so far we are off to a great start!

Community Member

Great tips!  See you GAME NIGHT (instcon15)

Surveyor II

Totally agree.  Looking forward to meeting 10 people I have never met before.  I try to do that at every conference.