Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

winnerwinner_black_zpsa29ce757.gifIt has almost been a month since we gathered to learn, share, and grow together, at InstructureCon!

You may have noticed that some of the video recordings from #instcon sessions have been posted to our Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and you'll get notified whenever we upload new videos! And if you're just feeling nostalgic, feel free to check out the InstructureCon 2015 - Highlight Reel.

Lest ye forget, just before the conference began, we posed an #instcon challenge. Now we're here to share with you the 10 lucky well-deserving winners! The first ten people who posted to the InstructureCon 2015 Blog​ will receive a 30 point bonus, in the Canvas Community! You can hover over their names and learn more about them, and even "follow" them!

Oh, and if you weren't fast enough to earn this big bundle of points, there are lots of ways that everyone can earn points/reputation in the Community! What if you could use your points to purchase awesome Canvas swag?! Smiley Wink

Now, here are your winners:

  1.  @dlyons ​
  2.  @rbagent ​
  3.  @marthazumack ​
  4.  @kona ​
  5. cfierro
  6.  @clong ​
  7.  @travis_thurston ​
  8.  @KristinL ​
  9.  @mjennings ​
  10.  @canvas_admin 

For the honorable mention (+20 pts), we'd also like to recognize  @G_Petruzella ​ and  @ewander  who posted the 11th and 12th blog entries, respectively. What ever would we have done if we didn't know how to take sneakyselfieswithkenneth​??

We miss you all, and are already looking forward to next year!

Onward and upward!

~ Jordan