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Jim Federico

Microsoft - Higher Ed & K12

You asked for a Microsoft + Canvas integrated experience. You asked for access to OneDrive throughout Canvas. You requested that we provide live access to Office documents within modules and from within SpeedGrader. Done. Done. Done.  In this session, Jim Federico will demonstrate how Instructure and Microsoft have responded to teacher feedback. He will also demo OneNote Class Notebooks and will provide an overview of two new teacher and student centered products from Microsoft: Classroom and Forms.

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Thanks for sharing with us the current state of your office 365 integration with canvas. It would be great if One Drive could be used to save the actual content of the a canvas page, that way faculty could edit the content in One Drive so that the content in canvas is automatically updated. It sounds like the current state of the integration is just to display a link to a One drive File rather than actually display the file within canvas. Thanks again for working on this!

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It was not fully clear when we were in the session the timeline for this implementation. At what time will we be ready to start using the features demonstrated in this session?

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I attended your presentation, I am very exited about all the new features, thank you very much.

I would like to present this subject during our faculty InService this coming August 18th. Can I get some additional information about the implementation timeline and the specifics of each feature?

I wish I can do a demo at my institution or at least have some screenshots...

Ivan Mesa -

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I'd love it too...


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Instructure Alumni

This session recording is now available here:

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Thank you Biray