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Detailed Information on Condo Configs?

I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find detailed information on the condos.  Specifically whether each bedroom has it's own bathroom.  We're bringing four people to the conference, and I like the idea of sharing one abode, but we are a mixed gender group and none of us really want to share a bathroom.  Is there somewhere I can go to find this info.

P.S. the lodging web site shows no 4 bedroom units available.  Does that mean they are all gone already?

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According to this , "All condominiums provide a shared living area, full kitchen with private bedrooms and bathrooms." It's on page 1, 3rd paragraph, not in the individual descriptions. Smiley Happy

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Community Coach

 @kyle_johnson ​, in the past I've found it easier to call when booking lodging. Sometimes it's easier to get the answers you need over the phone rather than online.

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I too ran into this. I picked up the phone and called. Apparently, they do not guarantee anything other than the number of beds and baths. A bed could be a twin or a pull out couch. They cannot guarantee anything beyond that because each condo is independently owned. We decided to stay somewhere else. Now if I can just find somewhere else to stay. We are bringing a mix gender group of six.

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We booked individual rooms at Keystone Lodge Hotel

On the individual rooms do they guarantee a full or queen bed?

We called in February and was told queen size beds.

Thanks! We may take that route then. Several of us are over 6ft tall, so twins and fold outs did not sound great for a week of sleeping.