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EdCamp: The Unconference - A Fun and Informational Time

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What is Edcamp?

It's InstructureCon's version of a BarCamp. The attendees set the topics of discussion. Then you break out into groups to discuss Smiley Happy

The Good:

The breakout sessions were an awesome way to talk with others that have the same questions, concerns, etc. A chance to share contact information, experiences, and possible answers. It also meant being able to put a face to a name on the Community. It was nice to have a Canvas employee who was willing to sit with each group.

The Bad:

The only bad... the day. With preconferences, meetings with CSMs, and user group meetups happening on Tueasday people had to come and go, or miss out altogether Smiley Sad

The Awesome:

The sense of community. The chance to talk to others on topics we find important.

EdCamp. I will see you again in 2017!


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Community Champion

I really enjoyed EdCamp and all the participants! There were great ideas, resources, and conversations.

Thank you for having this FREE session!

Community Champion

Thank you for posting about this. Would love to know a bit more about the discussions. Any specific topic in particular gained greater traction than others? Will there be any additional postings of follow-ups that people can follow in the InstCon Unconference 2016​ group?

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I know that notes were being taken and some of them have started appearing in InstCon Unconference 2016.

The data break out session had quite a few people. So did PD/Faculty Training. The data session had questions like:

  • what are you using to view/manipulate the data
  • are you hosting the data and where
  • what are you doing with the data